Why do you not have your prices listed?
There are many different variants to our services which can lead to misunderstandings, please email us with your requirements and we will give you an accurate price.

How long can you get on a 12”?
Ideally keep your sides under 20 mins however we can squeeze more on depending on the intended use and elements of the tracks.

Can I attend the session?
For masters – yes, dubplates – no.

Is there a price difference between attended and non-attended sessions?
Yes, attended sessions are normally dearer because with an unattended session we can arrange our weekly schedule as time efficient as possible.

Do you cut PVC dubplates?
Not at the moment, our last set of tests showed that PVC technology still has a way to go in order to match the LF and HF reproduction of lacquer dubplates.

We like bass

Have you got any jobs going?
Please send us a cv

How do you prefer the audio to be sent in?
Tracks that are minimum 24bit at the native sample rate peaking below 0dbfs with no limiters on the master bus have proven to yield the best results, however if you do not have access to the mix we will work with what you supply.

What about if I mix into a limiter and taking the limiter will make the mix collapse?
In that case please provide us with a safety mix from which we will have the option to recreate your mix (only if needed).

Do you do sample masters?
No, however if you have an album and cannot decide who you want to master, we can master a track of your choice from the album, which we will charge our normal rate for.  Should we get the whole album to master, we will deduct the price of the first track from the bill (meaning you will not have to pay twice).

What is your revision policy?
We include one free revision per track, but It is always a good idea to give us any directions that you may have for your tracks if are not attending.

Can I take pictures or film when I attend?
This depends on whether Jason has had a shave or not. Please ask before hitting the record button.

How much do you charge for different mixes of the same track?
These are charged @50% of the track price.