Jason has cut thousands of records, from underground classics to chart hits and Mercury-nominated albums since he started cutting full-time in 1998.  We see our service as that of a translator and we can be involved in the process to whatever level you require – a light touch or something more involved. We cut records the correct way, using only the necessary tools, mostly in the analogue domain. We master for all formats and are an iTunes accredited studio.

Transition Mastering’s services are used by a range of labels, from Sony and Universal to influential imprints including Hyperdub, Warp, Brownswood, Dirty Stank, Touch and Deep Medi. Jason worked closely with key producers from the sound that became known as dubstep and Transition Mastering was the key spot for many of those artists to cut their dubs and masters, even with the popularity of CDJs, our dub cutting service remains popular.

Mastering sessions can be attended or unattended, with prices starting from £45 +VAT.  For attended sessions, we have free parking available.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

We started as a dub cutting studio and continue to provide this service.

Mix Downs

We work with Will and Si from LV (Brownswood-Hyperdub-Keysound) who can resolve your mix issues. Click here to email us for more information.